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This blog is not dead …

… it just slept for a long while. But I am about to resurrect it. So stay tuned.

I started this blog for making notes for myself, share code snippets and help fellow programmers who got stuck with similar problems. But the internet moved on during the past two years and there seem to be dozens of web sites now which are probably better suited for doing all these tasks. Nevertheless I like blogs, they are much more personal than tweets and Gist code dumps. So I decided to continue sharing code, ideas and opinions … just don’t expect me to be as frequent as two years ago ;-)

Before this post becomes completely useless, here is a small brain teaser for our Javascript ninjas out there:

What is the following expression evaluating to?

"3" -+-+-+ "1" + "1" / "3" * "6" + "2"

The answer and in depth explanation can be found on which makes me regularly laugh and cry.