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Reinventing Human-Computer Interaction

Many of you probably remember “Minority Report”, a mediocre science fiction film inspired by a short story of good old Philip K. Dick. The only thing I really remember well about this movie is the huge multi-touch computer used by the police force (or something). Although such sci-fi devices look great they are a total nightmare for every day use. Just imagine you have to lift your arms every time you try to switch to another tab page of your browser. That is not really a solution. But how can we use awesome looking multi-touch devices in combination with our other hardware? Here is a small video which came up with some cool and fresh ideas:

reinventing desktop human-computer interaction: 10/GUI

Struggling with HTML or How To Use Vertical And Horizontal Alignment In CSS

HTML wasn’t invented to write interactive, application-like web pages, it just offers a convenient way to create really simple documents containing links. Maybe that’s why programming web pages nowadays feels a little bit like writing a GUI in LaTeX. But maybe I am just complaining because I am not used to it … I am a software developer, not a web designer.

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The Death of the Desktop?

Do we need applications? Is the desktop metaphor dead? Here is an interesting Google TechTalk video about the alternative:

Away with Applications: The Death of the Desktop