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Creating HTML Documents from Files with Wiki Syntax

I want to create some simple HTML documents with some basic layouting like heading, images and links. Writing pure HTML can be a slow and painful procedure. Usually I’m working with a lot of wikis, so I want to have a file were I can write my document using a common wiki syntax and generate HTML code from this wiki file afterwards.

There some good Perl wiki-to-html converters out there, but since I don’t want to install Perl on my Windows machine at my laboratory, I rather want to have something written in Python.

I found a nice parser and html converter for the Creole Wiki Syntax, it works well with Linux and Windows.

Unfortunately Creole is not the most powerful wiki syntax, I didn’t found out how to create a table of content yet and there are some other drawbacks. If someone knows a good wiki2html tool which doesn’t have tons of dependencies and runs fine under Windows, feel free to leave me a message.